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The REBOUND® is a TENS unit that is FDA registered Class II Medical device and is now available without a prescription! The REBOUND® is a TENS pain relief device that works “through the skin”, emitting a “tingling sensation” to help you manage your pain without the use of drugs.

It is non-addicting, simple to use, affordable, and effective.

TENS Units FAQ's

What is a TENS unit?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a treatment used to control pain. The TENS units are battery operated and fit into your pocket for easy portability. It is perfect for controlling pain by using mild electrical signals that are safe and painless.

When can I use TENS to control my pain?

TENS units offer relief for both short-term (acute) pain and long-term (chronic) pain. Acute pain can occur after an event like an accident or surgery. Chronic pain can be tied to conditions like arthritis or cancer, or it can be related to long-term joint or muscle issue. Whatever the type of pain you're experiencing, a professional TENS unit is a safe, drug-free way to help manage it. It is also a great pain control alternative for people who struggle with taking pain medication.

How does TENS control pain?

TENS units use electrodes, which are sticky patches that are placed onto your skin. Once the electrodes are placed, the main body of the unit sends low voltage electrical impulses through the wires that attach to the electrodes. From there, the signals then pass into your skin where they stimulate the underlying nerves.

In your body, nerves are the messengers to your brain, communicating pain, pleasure, pressure, warmth, touch, and more. When a TENS machine stimulates your nerves with electrical impulses, whatever messages they were carrying—including pain—get interrupted and replaced by a gentle tingling sensation. This changes your brain's impression of the pain. The TENS unit is perfect for pain management and relief.

Where do I place the electrodes?

When placing the electrodes to control your pain, how they are placed will depend on the location and type of pain you're experiencing. 

Improper placement could result in bodily harm.   

  • Never place the pads on your head, neck or face.
  • Never use on the throat (carotid artery) or neck. This could potentially close the airway, cause difficulty breathing, and/or affect heart rhythm or blood pressure.
  • Never use pads close to the heart, across the chest, on both arms or hands at the same time. Doing so could change heartbeat pattern and could be potentially deadly.
  • Never use on the groin area
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