Quad Canes in Colorado Springs

Sometimes you need more support and stability than a normal cane with a standard tip can provide. Quad canes are a great solution. Affordable Medical Supply has been a steadfast supplier of quad canes and other medical supplies for over 30 years. The people of Colorado Springs have a direct line through us to the medical supplies they need, at an affordable price.

A solid, less bulky alternative to a full walker, quad canes are used in various configurations and materials to provide the extra support that some people require. Unlike regular canes, quad canes have four tips that create a square base that covers far more area than standard canes with single tips. The difference in weight between single-tip canes and a quad canes is usually only about half a pound. We have the solutions to making your daily routine easy and pain free. For a short walk or even an extended jaunt, having the support you need will drastically reduce the pain felt in the back, feet, hips, and legs. Whatever types of traveling needs, we have the perfect quad cane for every occasion in all sizes and handle shapes to make the perfect fit.

The base of a quad cane can vary in size depending on the needs of the individual. These canes are typically made from aluminum alloy and are very strong and durable while also remaining fairly light. Perfect for a day out on the town, an evening trip to a favorite venue or for extended holidays at family resorts or touristic adventures, the quad cane is truly a versatile platform. Cramping feet and back pain caused by lack of support can be avoided by using the proper cane for your needs.

Affordable Medical Supply has many different models available, both for sale and for rent.


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