Hospital Bed Mattress

Are your searching for replacement hospital bed mattresses in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas? At Affordable Medical Supply, we offer replacement mattresses for hospital beds to consumers and medical facilities. Serving the community for over 30 years, our experienced and trained team can help you find the best replacement mattress for your needs.


What makes a hospital bed mattress different from a regular mattress? Hospital bed mattresses vary slightly from your regular mattress, as they are fluid resistant and flame retardant, meeting major flammability standards. Depending on the type of mattress that you are looking for, we also offer mattresses that are built for increased user or patient comfort, are bacteria resistant, or have raised sidewalls for added safety. Each mattress is built with superior craftsmanship for that added value and reliability.


Below are just a few of the hospital bed mattresses that we offer in the Colorado Springs area:


Blue Chip Foam Mattresses:

This mattress is developed to create a clinically effective support surface with varying features and benefits. This is designed to provide the proper weight distribution that offers low interface pressures and added comfort for the patient or user.


Graham Field Foam Mattresses:

These mattresses are built to last, are bacteria resistant, flame retardant, anti-fungal, fluid resistant, non-allergenic and are the easiest of mattresses to clean.


Joerns P.R.O. Air Foam Mattresses:

Built for ultimate comfort, Joerns P.R.O hospital bed mattresses are comprised of high density foam that is built to offer the most comfort and support for the patient or user. Throughout the mattress, the foot, torso and shoulder zones are built with air/foam cells in order to add that extra comfort and support.


To view more of the hospital bed mattresses that we offer, visit our catalog here today. Not sure what the best one would be for your needs? Stop by our location or call today at (800) 837-4036 to speak with an experienced customer service representative.


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