Homecare Bed Rentals

Hospital Style Homecare Bed Rentals in Colorado Springs:

Homecare Bed Rentals in Colorado Springs - Easy and Affordable from Affordable Medical Supply.  If you're recovering from surgery, illness, or have a chronic medical condition and are in need of an adjustable hospital style homecare bed for in home care, Affordable Medical Supply offers hospital style homecare bed rentals (and other medical equipment) for short or long term use. 











  • Our Homecare Bed Rental beds are all fully electric: 
    • The head and foot sections are adjustable
    • The bed height is adjustable and moves up and down for ease of patient transfer.
    • All bed rentals include your choice of optional half-length or full-length safety rails.
  • $30-$75 fee For local delivery and set up is included for all homecare beds.
  • Weekly & Monthly Rates Available
    • Need to extend your rental?  We can take care of that right over the phone, saving you time and effort.
  • Maximum patient weight is 350 pounds.  Total bed capacity is 450 pounds (to include mattress, patient, rails, and accessories)


Accidents and illnesses are difficult enough to deal with! Let us make sure that you have what you need to care for yourself or your loved one.  For long term recovery, we offer hospital style homecare bed rentals that suit your needs. At Affordable Medical Supply, you can be sure that all rental equipment is well kept and ready for you today.  Not sure what the best fit is for your needs?  Call us today or visit us in store and let one of our experienced staff members assist you.



Other Rental Items Available:

Bedside Commodes

Pediatric, Youth, Adult & Tall Adult Crutches

Knee Walkers

Traditional Folding Walkers

4-Wheel Walkers with Seats

Overbed Tables

Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs

Standard Wheelchairs


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