Aids To Daily Living

Aids to Daily Living Help with Your Day to Day Activities

Aids to Daily Living provide extra help with your daily activities such as bathing, dressing, medications, eating, drinking, getting in and out of your car, travel, and much more.  They offer simple and effective ways to accomplish daily tasks with safety and comfort while maintaining your independence.  There are hundreds of items available in each category so please see below for our most popular items.  Please call or stop by if you have questions or are looking for an item that you do not see here. Let our knowledgeable and compassionate staff help you find the items best suited to your needs. 

Bathing & Hygiene Aids to Daily Living

  • Long Handled Sponges & Lotion Applicators
  • No-Rinse / Waterless Body Wash & Shampoo
  • No-Rinse / Waterless Shampoo Caps
  • Warmable No Rinse Bathing Cloths
  • Toilet Paper Aids
  • Bed Shampooer / Shampoo Trays
  • Bathtub / Shower Safety Treads
  • And More.....

Aids to Daily Living Long Handled Sponge  Lotion applicator  SQU325204_HRE01 Aids to Daily Living Shampoo Cap  Bathing Cloths toilet paper aid Inflateable shampooer Shampoo tray 


 Dressing Aids to Daily Living

  • Button Aid / Zipper Puller
  • Sock-Aids (Multiple Styles)
  • Dressing Sticks
  • Long Handled Shoe Horns (Both Plastic & Metal)
  • Elastic Shoelaces (Multiple Colors & Styles)
  • Shoe Removers
  • Leg Lifters
  • Non-Slip Slipper Socks
  • And More.....

button zipperSock AidDressing Stick      Shoehorn Elastic Shoelaces Shoe remover leg lifter


Medication Aids

  • Eye Drop Medication Aid
  • Pill Cutters
  • Pill Crushers
  • Pill Box Organizers
  • Locked Pill Dispensers (Special Order)
  • And More.....

eye dropper aid Pill Crusher Pill Cutter pill organizer locking pillorganizer



Meal Time Aids to Daily Living

  • Specialty Utensils
  • Specialty Dinnerware
  • Specialty Cups & Drinking Items
  • Adult Clothing Protectors / Bibs
  • And More.....

Bendables  two handled cupred scoop dishbumper platenosey cuprocker knifebumper bowl plateadult bib


Around The House Aids

  • Reachers (Multiple Lengths & Styles)
  • Doorway Hinge Expanders
  • Lamp Switch Aid
  • Door Knob Grips / Handles
  • Lift Chairs
  • Ramps
  • And More.....

Reacher doorway hinge exp lamp switch aid door knob grip 2553 Blue Up   WC Ramp 


Aids For the Car & Travel

  • Handy Bar
  • Car Caddie
  • Swivel Seat
  • EZ Fold-N-Go Walker
  • Travel Bed Rails
  • And More.....

Handybar2Car CaddieSwivel SeatFoldnGo FoldedFoldnGo Blue FoldnGo Strong  Bedrail economy bedrail   


We here are Affordable Medical Supply are here for you - supplying hundreds of aids to daily living items that will help you to maintain your freedom and independence.  Contact us is you have questions or need any additional information.

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