Advanced Wound Care

Advanced wound care items are quite different from basic wound care items.  

Advanced wound care products are generally prescribed after a visit to the doctor or hospital. This category of wound care generally includes film and foam dressings, hydrogels, alginates and hydrocolloids. These products are largely focused on keeping the wound moist to encourage healing, following the philosophy that a moist micro-environment promotes the natural healing process (human cells require water to live and grow) without occluding the wound. Along with maintaining a moist environment, advanced wound care products may:

  • Keep temperatures consistent
  • Allow flow of oxygen
  • Protect the site from outside infection
  • Remove dead tissue
  • Ease pain associated with dressing changes

There are hundreds of dressing options that we stock or have fast have access to - the following items are our most popular.

advanced wound care

Bordered Island Gauze Dressing

An absorbent island dressing constructed with a heavy-duty absorbent pad and conformable, non-woven fabric adhesive backing. The porous structure of the Sontara® non-woven fabric ensures air and water vapor permeability. The fabric is stretchable, conforms well to body contours and allows body movements when in place. The adhesive has been designed to be gentle to the skin but at the same time provide secure fixation. The wound pad can absorb moderate amounts of wound fluids and the low-adherent surface reduces the risk of adherence to the wounds. Sterile.


composite island

Composite Island Dressing

This waterproof dressing has four distinct layers designed to cover all stages of wound care. Layer 1, a non-adherent contact layer, protects the wound site and will not stick to granulation tissue. Layer 2, a soft pad, absorbs drainage. Layer 3, a non-woven backing with an adhesive border, securely holds the contact pad in place. Layer 4, a semi-occlusive, polyurethane film, helps deter external contaminants and maintains an optimal wound environment. The vapor permeable film coating allows showering and protects the wound from water and contamination. It also protects clothing and bed linens from blood or exudate strike-through. Sterile.


foam dressing

Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing

This dressing is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, yet will provide a clinically effective dressing for management of exuding wounds. It is made of a non-adherent, highly absorbent, lint free polyurethane foam. Featuring a thick and very soft construction, it is extremely conformable and comfortable, especially for painful wounds where some protection and cushioning are desirable. Conformability makes this dressing ideal for difficult to dress areas of the body. Sterile, Polyurethane.



Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing with Barrier

The outer, pink layer used on non-adherent dressing is a breathable film layer. This allows the formation and maintenance of a moist wound healing environment at the wound surface, preventing eschar formation. The pink film is also waterproof and assists in preventing bacterial strike-through, Non-adherent dressings are non-adhesive and are therefore recommended for wounds surrounded by sensitive skin, such as venous ulcers. The lack of adhesive allows the use of the most suitable retention method, for example, tape onto intact skin, appropriate bandaging or a film dressing such as transparent film dressing. Non-adherent dressings are comfortable and can be cut to suit various wound shapes and locations. Non-adherent dressings absorb exudate, they may swell slightly, but do not leave debris in the wound. Dressing changes are therefore easier for the nurse and less traumatic for the patient; wound irrigation can be kept to a minimum. The progression of exudate through the dressing is visible through the pink top film. Sterile, Polyurethane.



adh foam island

Adhesive Foam Island Dressing

This high-density foam dressing is covered by a layer of comfortable, self-adhesive, water-resistant polyurethane backing helps maintain an optimally moist wound environment, helps prevent strike-through , and aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination of the wound. The moisture vapor transmission rate adjusts depending on the fluid level in the wound. The foam pad has micropores for low adherence to wound surface, yet has a higher fluid-handling capacity than other brands. Foam island gently expands as it absorbs, keeping the dressing in contact with the wound surface for improved fluid handling. Sterile.



Hydrocolloid Dressing

An Integrated hydrocolloid formula provides world-class wound healing effectiveness. We offer an ultra-thin hydrocolloid at 15mm. Our standard hydrocolloid is capable of beating the competition wear time while reducing profile and weight by 25%. The outer polyurethane layer provides a barrier to water and bacteria, while maintaining a moist environment. The semi-occlusive properties allow for oxygen and moisture vapor transmission creating the optimal conditions for wound healing. Sterile.




Calcium Alginate Dressings

Calcium alginate is a wound exudate absorber for moderately to heavily draining wounds. It may be appropriately used for Stage II and IV pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial and diabetic ulcers, donor sites, superficial burn wounds, surgical incisions, abrasions, lacerations and traumatic wounds. Available in flat dressings or wound packing rope.


packing gauze

Packing Gauze - Sterile

All natural 100% cotton. Fine mesh gauze ideal for wet-to-dry packing. Available in plain or iodoform varieties. 1/4" , 1/2" , and 1" sizes available.







Xeroform Petrolatum Impregnated Dressing

Petrolatum impregnated dressings are designed to provide non-adherent packing for full-thickness wounds, providing a moist environment that is conducive to wound healing. They are made of fine, soft, conformable gauze impregnated with white petrolatum. Being non-adherent, removal of these dressings causes minimal trauma to the wound bed and patient. Indicated for use of management of full-thickness chronic wounds such as stage II-IV pressure ulcers, tunneling wounds and non-infected wounds.




Please contact us if you have any questions or need specific advanced wound care product information.  

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