4-Wheel Walkers, Options, and Accessories


4-Wheel Walkers, also called rolling walkers or Rollators, are a great option to help you to maintain your continued mobility, independence, and safety. 

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Choosing Your Rolling Walker



  • All 4-Wheel walkers come standard with hand brakes, a comfortable padded seat, and a basket or carry pouch. 
  • We are able to supply walkers that will accommodate someone who is very small and/or petite to a person that is very big and/or tall.  
    • Some of our walkers have a seat height as low as 18"to accommodate someone 4'10"
    • Our walkers weight capacities range from 250lbs all the way up to 600lbs.
  • We stock a wide variety of 4-Wheeled Walkers from Nova and we have access to other brands such as:
    •  Lumex, Medline, and more.....
    • If we don't have your favorite color or configuration in stock - we can special order it for you in no time.
  • Choose a 6" Wheel for general indoor and outdoor use or choose an 8" Wheel for a more all terrain outdoor option.

4-Wheel walkers should NEVER be used as a transport chair.

Users should have both hand brakes locked while using the walker as a resting chair.


Customize your 4-Wheel Walkers with a variety of available accessories:

  • Walker Trays
  • Walker Baskets
  • Walker Pouches & Bags
  • Cup Holders
  • Cane Holders
  • Flashlights
  • Glides & Skis
  • Seat & Backrest Covers



  • Affordable Medical Supply offers weekly and monthly 4-wheel walker rentals.  Contact us today for additional information and rental rates.
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